Establishing her own business, while developing the brand of a like-minded business woman; has certainly proved highly successful for Chantal Crocker, founder and managing director of Santana Graphix.

Crocker shares more about the dynamic growth of the two entities, during the following Q&A session.



  • Please provide an overview of your design work completed on the brand – to date

I started with the initial logo design and took this through to every element that incorporates the face of Brown Spice Boutique (BSB) inclusive of: Website, letterhead, invoices, quotations, leaflets, brochures, flyers, pricelists, tags, print adverts, newsletters, business cards, signage, banners, posters and more. The client hosts monthly exhibitions for which I assist in the conceptualisation and implementation of an overriding themed design


  • Please include details such as focus of the brand; trends followed in terms of colour and lines utilised, etc.

The focus of the brand has always been to remain funky and arty, while simultaneously exhibiting the fresh innovation akin to an entrepreneur. One of my key design objectives to achieve was to incorporate the spiciness of life through the fonts, and movement of the overall logo design

Client and I first chose to work with a black background, incorporating bright silvery wording and a dash of the spicy red – to grab our target audience. Today, we have given the existing logo a slight facelift. The black has been softened to a rich chocolate brown; this in keeping with contemporary fashion and changing colour trends. We felt that the black background was a little too harsh, and that the earthy undertones of the replacement brown, blended beautifully with the remaining spicy red copy accent


  • What has been your design inspiration for the brand, since its inception?

My client, Christina Wiese, has always been my source of inspiration for the brand. I have never met such a petite woman, filled with so much fire, motivation and passion for life and what she does. After our very first meeting; I had a very clear vision of what I imagined her logo to incorporate. These are the initial design options I presented to her:









  • How have you managed to take the brand to the next level (design wise) while still building and adding to a recognisable corporate identity?

With the logo being such a strong design; each element emanating from it has to remain consistent in terms of overall creativity and attention to detail. The BSB corporate identity must remain consistent; however – the individual design elements need to be solid enough in order to exist in isolation


  • Why do you enjoy working on this particular brand and with this particular client?

I can relate to Wiese, being a fellow female business owner; who shares in the fervor of growing her own baby and investing all of herself into the task. Coming from an artistic background; I love assisting her in promoting her artists and providing a platform to advertise and sell the artwork inSouth Africa


  • What innovation do you feel that you have brought to your client’s vision for the brand?

I believe that I add to my client’s enthusiasm and through her talent; am able to offer her brand an identity. A logo. A true representation of her brand and what it portrays to the creative industry


  • Where do you see this brand, three years from now (design wise)?

I see the design growing and morphing into various new branding elements. Hopefully a car wrap is just around the bend. More employees and new offices, would also result in new projects such as signage and input with regards to design and overall internal aesthetics. Updating the website is also on the books – to allow for a larger back-end system whereby artist can upload photos and clients can review many galleries of images


  • Comment from Santana Graphix: Please provide a few lines on how your business has grown over the past two-and-a-half years, together with Brown Spice Boutique?

We have both grown in passion, while sharing mutual support, progress and contacts. Through our relationship; we have inspired one another to be more and achieve more. I try to attend every BSB exhibition in support of Christina. But I also thoroughly enjoy meeting new artists and witnessing first-hand, the workings of my client’s business. We have experienced many changes in each others lives, and how these have reflected on and related to our respective businesses. We have been able to help one another with teething problems and most importantly; share the journey of being business owners and friends




(Answers provided by Christina Pearl Wiese)


  • Who founded BSB (full name please), and when (date)?
    • Christina Pearl Wiese; in October 2007
  • What is the nature of the business?
    • It is BSB’s vision to create sustainable and viable channels for established and emerging artists, which result in commercial gain, and provide niche services that add value to various stakeholders
    • The company is also involved in the following business streams:
      • Consulting – marketing, sales and business development
      • Art Agent – marketing, business development and brand management to individual or groups of South African  and international artists
      • Art consultancy to residential and corporate clients
      • Project / Strategic manager in art projects, art programmes / initiatives, and art events in the public and private sector
      • Skills Development training – facilitation in soft skills and basic financial management


  • What is Wiese’s business philosophy for BSB?
    • “My Art….My Life….Experience art.  It is about the artist….it is about the business of art”


  • How and when did BSB and Santata Graphix first begin a working relationship?
    • BSB was introduced to Santana Graphix via an acquaintance. The relationship blossomed upon inception of BSB


  • What are Brown Spice Boutique’s current design needs?
    • Business cards, electronic invitations, company brochures, Website, artist profiles, exhibition marketing materials, newsletters, business templates and e-signatures


  • Have these changed over the years since inception of the business?
    • The design elements have remained much the same; however, a dramatic change has been experienced in the increase in volume of work


  • If so, please explain?
    • As BSB has grown, so too have the number of exhibitions, as well as the need for the business to look more professional and communicate effectively with buyers and artists alike
  • Is this particular service offering / art brokerage of sorts – fairly unique within SA?
    • It is growing inSouth Africa.  Globally, it has existed for some time now.  However, the rules of engagement are fairly open with much potential
  • If not, please name the biggest competitor currently within the market?
    • Art galleries and arts consultants …there are few currently in existence
  • How many artists does Brown Spice Boutique currently have on its books?
    • The brand works exclusively with six artist; although BSB has access to more than 100 visual artists, as well as over 200 crafters and designers
  • Does Brown Spice Boutique specialise in any particular “type” or “form” of art? For example: Sculptures vs. canvass; oils vs. watercolours; sketches; impressionists vs. expressionism, etc, etc?
    • Visual art (paintings, photography, sculpture)
    • Craft (all)
    • Design (furniture and jewellery)
    • Environmental / green art
  • How does Brown Spice Boutique currently market to prospective artists and clientele base (art buyers)?
    • Mostly word-of-mouth
    • Referrals through our credentials, as acquired since inception via working with private sector and on government projects
    • Exhibitions
  • Comment from Brown Spice Boutique: Please provide a few lines on how your business has grown over the past two-and-a-half years, together with Santana Graphix?
    • BSB has grown from nowhere to a phenomenal industry network with private sector and government
    • The database has also increase from zero, to a current client database of around 300-400 people (inclusive of clients, media and industry players)
    • The business’s substantial database and access to artists throughoutSouth Africa, also facilitates tapping into international markets
    • Santana Graphix has worked alongside me on all BSB’s exhibitions, which has moved the brand from an unknown – to a now readily recognised and respected entity within the creative industry
    • And finally; Sanata Graphix is committed, dedicated and always professional in working with BSB.  Chantel always produces excellent work, and is willing to go the extra mile; she also works extremely well under pressure
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